Piece of Mind

Maintaining an industrial facility can be a stressful task at the best of time. One piece of equipment going down can means hours of downtime and lost revenue.
Our highly training technicians will work with you to minimize downtime and keep your facility running efficiently.


One Step Ahead

You need a industrial electrician you can rely on to keep your facilities running productively, efficiently, and safely.  

Our team of electrical experts provide a suite of comprehensive industrial electrical services 24/7.

How We Excel

Some industrial electrical contractors are only capable of basic wiring and lighting for warehouses and industrial buildings. At EH Plus Electrical, we know that a true industrial electrical service includes much more. 

our technicians can provide power, maintenance, and industrial electrical services for every machine in your facility. We will integrate your machines into your overall electrical system, to keep them working efficiently.

What We Can Do For You

Some of our industrial experience includes:

  • Installing complete electrical systems for new industrial buildings.
  • Providing maintenance, repair and support for machinery and equipment.
  • Installing switchgear, panel-boards and transformers.
  • Configuring motor control centres, drive systems and programmable controllers.
  • Machine relocation and installation.

Maintenance is Key!

With the help of our professional team of skilled technicians, we can help maintain and minimize plant downtime!

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Phone: 204.479.0809