Correcting An Issue Before it's a Problem

Downtime means lost revenue plain and simple. Catching a potential problem before it causes downtime can be tricky and due diligence is needed.
Having comprehensive information on how your facility and equipment is running can mean the difference between a minor issue and a catastrophic failure.

Preventative Maintenance

How We Excel

Studies show electrical distribution system malfunctions are the leading cause of office fires in Canada., and nearly two-thirds of all electrical fire losses could have been avoided. Your equipment also needs to be protected from power quality failures, as surges and spikes can shorten equipment lifespan.

In response, EH Plus Electrical offers Preventative Service Maintenance. By performing visual and technical inspections of your operations, we can identify electrical devices close to failure, catch potential fire threats, and identify power quality issues.

What We Can Do For You

We conduct a thorough visual examination of your electrical system. We check all critical points to ensure your electrical system is safe and all equipment is adequately protected. We inspect and properly retorque connections, clean components and conduct a variety of diagnostic tests.

Heat is the major cause of damage to electrical components and a definite indication of impending failure. With EH Plus Electrical’s newest maintenance service, infrared thermal imaging , we can catch failures before they result in down time, damage, or life safety issues.

We monitor and measure electrical variables in your system, ensuring components are not overloaded and have proper voltage. Circuit breakers are evaluated. Harmful levels of harmonics are identified. We can monitor and analyze your power use, and supply power quality solutions if required.


With the help of our professional team of skill technicians, We can help keep downtime to a minimum and keep your facility running smoothly!

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